Woodcroft Industries was originally started as Mt Eden Turnery in 1923 by Thomas Fletcher a renowned craftsman. During the 1930's the Waikato River was diverted for the construction of the Arapuni Dam, and a petrified forest was uncovered. Fletcher Wallis was able to retrieve considerable quantities of this estimated 40,000 year old wood, and many products and novelties were produced from this very unusual material.

During the war, the turnery carried out various "essential war works" while several of its members went off to war. Fletcher Wallis' business was weakened staff-wise when his well-trained key senior members left to start their own businesses - splitting the limited market. A lesser man would have shut up shop, but Fletcher Wallis persevered. During this difficult time, Fletcher Wallis turned to his nephew Keith Wallis who had just returned from war service.  Keith eventually took on the role of managing director from 1950 through to 1971. Fletcher Wallis remained with the company until his death in 1951.

Since the sales director Peter Sheffield's  first visit to Sydney in 1956, the company became increasingly export conscious, turning out products to Australia, Canada and the US.

In 1956 Woodcrofts first automatic lathe was purchased to cope with the increasing demand. This purchase placed Woodcroft well ahead of their competition.

With the need for factory expansion and limited space at the existing Mt Eden location, it was decided a move to Rosebank Rd in Avondale was in their best interests. In 1960 the company along with twenty staff moved to Avondale to start work under the new title of Woodturners N.Z Ltd. At its peak in the early 1980's Woodcroft employed over 80 staff and was a significant furniture and component manufacturer and exporter, having expanded out to a 70,000 sq ft factory.

Following the political changes to importing/exporting in 1984, exports eventually dried up and cheap imports from countries such as China flooded the country. This decimated manufacturing in NZ, particulary for the furniture industry.

In 2012 Woodlynn purchased the wood turning and wood working operations of Woodcroft Industries and merged these with its existing operations in Glen Eden. Today Woodcroft and Woodlynn work in tandem out of the Glen Eden factory providing customers a wide range of wooden components.

Read more about our history in the 1973 Article on Woodcroft (then named Woodturners N.Z. Ltd.)